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Join Fellow Skin Health Enthusiasts as We Harness the True Scientific Potential
of the Skin Microbiome

The skin microbiome is an exciting area, with lots of therapeutic as well as cosmetic potential. Recent scientific advances have meant we are learning more and more about what is going on within the skin microbiome at a mechanistic level, which has helped product developers understand what they need to do in order to tap into this unique ecosystem. However, there still remains a number of challenges regarding the true scientific integrity of the skincare industry.

Now is the time for this exciting industry to come together and harness the true scientific potential of the skin microbiome.

Join leaders from Labskin, Codex Beauty, Symbiome & Phi Therapeutics, who will address the lack of scientific data in skincare, discuss how to utilize data more effectively when building claims, and explore how this can reduce the need for expensive clinical trials.

With 6 years of experience creating the most comprehensive forums for the microbiome community within niche areas, we are excited to welcome our community online and provide you with leading industry insights to advance skin microbiome research through harnessing data-driven skincare.

Be a part of the microbiome community and join us online this March! You can register your free pass here.

Join Your Expert Speakers

Your Discussion for Data-Driven Skincare

  • Labskin discussing their Skin Trust which is a retail-focused skin microbiome test, in order to create a personalized skincare regime for individuals that work with their microbiome and a unique microbiome database
  • Tune into a highly interactive panel discussion with Symbiome & Phi Therapeutics to address the difficulties facing the skincare and cosmetic sector regarding claims for their product or ingredient in the microbiome space
  • Connect with your fellow colleagues across the globe on our bespoke speed networking platform
  • Fire your burning questions to our expert speakers during the live Q&A

Who Should Attend?

This exclusive meeting is designed for experts in research and development within the cosmetic and skincare industry, and regulatory bodies within the skincare space.

Join the key decision-makers of:

  • R&D
  • Product Development
  • Innovation
  • Formulation
  • Personal Care
  • Regulatory Affairs

In Partnership With Labskin


Labskin’s pioneering approach for testing skincare products by cloning a patient’s skin microbiome and transplanting it onto Labskin Human Skin Equivalent allows a wide range of testing that no longer requires invasive procedures on patients. Data from next-generation sequencing of the Labskin and skin microbiome is coupled with AI processes to interpret and direct further development of skincare products in a controlled and efficient manner, reducing development time and costs.

Learn more here: www.labskin.co.uk