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11:00 am Setting Standards with Certifications & Efficacy Panels


  • Learn how to create a quantitative efficacy panel to communicate product performance, which consumers look for, and emerging certifications for microbiome “friendliness”, such as MyMicrobiome
  • Evaluate the confusion that is apparent in product labeling with pro- pre- and post-biotics
  • Explore the international standards which will need to be established and endorsed by large players before beauty companies can fully capitalize on this new direction

11:20 am Labskin Presentation – Creating a Personalized Skincare Regime to Individuals That Works With Their Microbiome


  • Discussing Labskin’s retail-focused skin microbiome test
  • Evaluating how this can be used to create a personalized skincare regime that works with the microbiome
  • Exploring how this creates a unique microbiome database

11:40 am Discussing the Benefits of Watercress in Fighting Nappy Rash


  • Watercress Research’s urease-inhibiting extract and potential benefits in reducing chemical dermatitis associated with ammonia production on the skin surface by the bacterial urease enzyme
  • Developing the first-ever in-vitro nappy rash model using Proteus and artificial urine with Labskin
  • Our plans to work on other novel in-vitro models such as skin irritation from UV radiation

12:00 pm Speed Networking Session

12:20 pm Panel Discussion – Harnessing Data-driven Skincare for Industry Standards & Claim Substantiation


  • Difficulties facing the skincare and cosmetic sector regarding claims for their product or ingredient in the microbiome-space
  • How can the industry work together to create standards in testing and proof of claims?
  • How to prove a product or ingredient is “friendly” or “balances” the skin microbiome

1:00 pm End of Webinar